“Former CIA agent on his deathbed reveals UFO truth”

Interview was conducted by Richard Dolan with anonymous CIA agent in May of 2013.  The agent says at the end that he feels better, like a burden has been lifted from off his shoulders.

Can you imagine departing this world holding a secret of this magnitude?  If aliens are here now then they have been all along, although they didn’t blow up a building in Syria yesterday.

It does seem like there’s more UFO phenomena happening now than anytime in history.  Perhaps, advances in technology are to blame, increasing our ability to witness unidentified objects hovering in space, zipping in and out, conducting some apparent business in our atmosphere.  Or, maybe a portal of sorts has opened, a gateway to the larger universe.

“We are not alone” and E.T. is not just Debra Winger.

I have faith.  “Beam me up, Scotty.”


Meanwhile, how will we power tomorrow here on Earth?


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