“Toxic metals found in lipstick”

Source: Discovery.com

Emily Sohn writes this article published at Discovery.com reporting on a study that found lead and other toxic metals in lipstick. Sohn states that  although, “The FDA does not regulate metals in cosmetic products,” this study suggests that, “Maybe it should.”

According to the report:

For the study, published today (May 2) in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, researchers measured levels of lead, aluminum, cadmium, cobalt, chromium, copper, manganese, nickel and titanium in 32 kinds of lipstick and lip gloss commonly used by young Asian women in Oakland, Calif.

ANALYSIS: Your Lipstick Could Be Laced With Lead

Lead showed up in 75 percent of the samples, with half of those at concentrations exceeding the United States Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) recommended maximum allowable level in candies that are consumed by young children. Levels of lead weren’t high enough to be of concern for adults, but children sometimes play with makeup, the researchers said, and no level of lead is considered safe for kids.

When the researchers looked at how much lipstick people tend to ingest during routine use, they found that regular application of some of the products would lead to excessive consumption of chromium, cadmium, aluminum and manganese.

Cadmium and chromium are known human carcinogens. Excessive exposure to manganese can cause neurological problems as can exposure to lead.


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