“The Elder Dobri Dobrev of Baylovo Bulgaria”

From the video description:

The Elder Dobri Dobrev of Baylovo Bulgaria English
Дядо Добри – Светецът от село Байлово
He’s taken from the Bible.This is amazing story of 96 years old stranger who suffering and redeem for his great sin (as he says) and begs God forgiveness.Can be seen each day to collecting alms in front the largest Orthodox church in the Balkans – “Alexander Nevski” cathedral, in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. The most people before thought that he’s a beggar while his amazing story was told on national TV. In the summer of 2010 in bulgarian Black Sea island were found holy remains of St. John the Baptist (were recognized as authentic by the Vatican) and this has led the society to observe one another saint.
In fact this 96 years old week man walk on foot every day from the village Baylovo to Sofia (43 km) whether it is winter or summer, even in the largest cold and freez, wearing only into old raunchy national clothes. He received the minimum pension of 200 leva (100 Euro), but until now he has donated 36,000 leva to Elenitsa monastery, 7 000 leva to “Seven Saints” church, 11 000 to “Saints Cyril and Methodius ” church, and 37 400 lv to “Alexander Nevski” cathedral (the largest giver since the last bulgarian Tsar). He donates churches, collects money from people and gave them to God. Says that after years every one will understand what is the meaning. And with his children’s sparkling blue eyes wishes everyone good health and God’s grace. Tells us to love God and turn to him because only he will give us love. Youth and money go away, friendships are not sure, beauty is for few years, the vanity of life is short, but tells us where the truth is – God is truth. And judging by the reaction of people is right because most of them cry when they see his holiness. Seems like a real saint who kiss the hand and loves. Hardly can be seen such amazing goodness and saintliness elsewhere in our times. Once he was attacked by bad teens and good people come to his aid. Teenagers began to flee and he went after them to forgive everyone..



Brainerd Market - Dixie Soaps
Brainerd Market – Dixie Soaps

From the press release for the Saturday, Brainerd Market:

Learn how to milk a goat at the Brainerd Farmers Market Saturday,  June 15 Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Dixie Soaps is bringing their goats, Aphrodite and Hermione, to the  Brainerd Farmer’s Market for a milking demonstration at 11:00 a.m.   They will also bring a three week old bottle baby who still needs a  name!  So Market guests may submit name suggestions for a chance to  win a $20 Brainerd Market Gift Certificate. Guests can see how a goat  is milked and even feed the baby a bottle.

"Dixie-Does Alpines is home to Dixie Soaps, we produce luxurious goat milk soaps, lotions, and lip balms. We have a huge selection of both natural and fragrance oil scents!" - Dixie Soaps
“Dixie-Does Alpines is home to Dixie Soaps, we produce luxurious goat milk soaps, lotions, and lip balms. We have a huge selection of both natural and fragrance oil scents!” – Dixie Soaps

Dixie Soaps is owned by Bill and Becky Ensinger. They live and work  on a six acre farm in Dayton, Tennessee.  Becky has raised dairy goats and farmed for 19 years. She began making soap as a way to use  surplus milk, and eventually began selling her soaps and other skin care products. Dixie Soaps focuses on sustainable farming methods, and currently raise Alpine and LaMancha dairy goats, grass fed beef,  chickens, ducks, bees, as well as herbs, vegetables, and fruits. They enjoy sharing these products with customers and friends every Saturday at the Brainerd Market.

Becky and Bill also have two helpers on the farm – Laura, 2, and Elizabeth, 1. A third will be arriving soon. The girls inspired their line of baby care products, “Baby Olive.”

So bring the kids to the Brainerd Market for a real farm experience, chat with our local farmers and artisans, and take home some local produce for dinner!  As always, the Brainerd Farmers Market is open from 10:00 12:00 in the Grace Episcopal Church parking lot on the corner of Belvoir Ave. and Brainerd Rd.

Monsanto protest coverage by CNN

2 million people protested on Saturday in many countries against the Monsanto, GMO food, chemical monopoly.

CNN covers the protest in this 7 minute piece.  This story covers the new Monsanto Protection Act passed by Congress and the President, calling it, “A bill that allows genetically modified crops approved by the Agriculture Department to be grown, even if there is action in the courts declaring them to be dangerous.”

Senator Bernie Sanders responds to this, “You have deregulated the GMO industry from court oversight, which is not really what America is about.  You should not be putting riders that people aren’t familiar with in a major piece of legislation.”

Monsanto responds to the French study that found that rats fed genetically modified foods became tumor ridden quickly, with a statement on its website that reads, “Plant biotechnology has been in use for over 15 years, without documented evidence of adverse effects of human or animal health or the environment.”

Officials who side with Monsanto, “Say the company is improving nature,” according to the report.

Michael Moss, author of “Salt Sugar Fat” is also interviewed for this CNN report.  He says, “Europeans have been saying no to GMOs for years and years.. There are no studies as of yet, linking gmos to health problems.”

“The flip side of that is no one is really looking hard at that and doing that kind of research and the agency in charge of GMOs is another 3-letter acronym, the FDA, which has a real spotty record on food safety.”

“The food manufacturers are increasingly concerned about public attitude,” Moss continues.   “I think there the ones who are going to make some moves here.  You know, they have on their staff these genius scientists who formulate their foods and they can figure out how to remove GMO ingredients without sacrificing convenience, cost and taste, and if they can do that, the food manufacturers will move that direction.”

“Run with Lions. Marlice Van Der Merwe”

This film is dubbed over in Russian, but the images are incredible.  Marlice Van Der Merwe’s relationship with the lions is hard to believe.  To learn more about the Wildlife Sanctuary and work of this conservationist, click here.

From the description:

Marlice Elretha Jansen van Vuuren (Marlice Elrethra van der Merwe), is a popular Namibian conservationist who grew up surrounded by animals on her parents’ farm in Namibia where for more than 30 years injured or orphaned animals have found refuge. Marlice also grew up closely with the San Bushmen community and is one of only a handful of white people who can speak their language.

Santos Bonacci – “Lawful Awakening Sin and Salvation”

Santos Bonacci begins with quotations from various sources, which I have transcribed here:

[10:00] Benjamin Disreali – Prime minister of Great Britain in the mid 1800’s wrote, “Governments do not govern, but merely control the machinery of government, being themselves controlled by the hidden hand.”

Disreali – “The world is governed by very different people than what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.”

William Burrows said, “We must all face the facts that our leaders are all certifiably insane  or worse.”

John Lennon said, “Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives.  I think we’re being run by maniacs with maniacal ends and I think I’m liable to be put away for expressing that.  That’s what’s insane about it.”

Leo Tolstoy – “In all history, there is no war which was not hatched by the governments, the governments alone, independent of the interests of the people to whom war is always pernicious, even when successful.”

Tolstoy – “Government is an association of men who do violence to the rest of us.”

Thomas Jefferson – “A democracy is nothing more than mob-rule, when 51% of the people may take away the rights of the other 49.”

Woodrow Wilson – “Since I entered politics, I’ve chiefly had mens’ views confided into me privately.  Some of the biggest men in the U.S., in the field of commerce and manufacturing are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something.  They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.”

Bonacci – “The machine don’t work.  It’s broken.  It needs to be replaced.”

Eusebius(260-339) – One of the church doctors.  Bonacci says of him, “He’s the buddy of Constantine when they started the Catholic Universal church in 325.”

Eusibius wrote, “We shall introduce into this history, in general only those events which may be useful, first to ourselves and afterwards to posterity.”

Bonacci pauses, then says, “Yeah, they doctored the historical books.  Once they destroyed all the Grecian temples and all the Egyptian temples and Alexandrian, the Roman, the Julian Dynasty begun this.  The Flavians did it and then the Constantines.  They desecrated all those ‘pagan’ temples.  They were temples where the true science was being taught, the Holy Science.”

“They stopped it,” he continues, “Shut it down and then implemented the universal church of Christianity, which I will show you to be the anti-christ, and all of it’s subsidiary corporations are the Protestants.”

Eusibius wrote, “How it may be lawful and fitting to use falsehood as a medicine and for the benefit of those who want to be deceived.”

Bonacci says, “Remember this, this is Eusibius.  And the Catholic churches’ modus operandi is to deceive those who want to be deceived…”

“So, I’m going to be explaining what that book is[The Bible] and why it’s so important in this society and how they use it for evil ends, whereas it is a book of pure science, beautiful science.  We’re going to reveal that.. and then show how the system of sin and salvation underpins the whole system of control by the monarchies.”

“In the Bible, it says, ‘In the last days, the dead shall rise.’  That’s talking about the sleeping masses.  You see, we’ve been in the period of sleepfulness, called the Piscean Age.. The Iron Age.. A great loss of memory occurs in this period.. The ancient mystery religions that were in the Mediterranean were misunderstood  by the Piscean people that came after the Arian age.  And then, of course they persecuted this because they couldn’t understand it.”

Is the Bible a book of pure science?  Does it document the movements of the heavens and the great cycle of life on Earth?  Bonacci believes that it is and does.  He embraces, the principle of “As above, so below”.

He believes that a new age is upon us, the great age of Aquarius, which is heralded by a, “Lawful awakening.”

“Whisper Hungarian in My Ear” – you tube

From the video description:

A belly dance horror movie instigated in 2007 by Rachel Brice. Over the course of two procrastination filled years, Bryan Boyce worked on the concept, shooting & editing using footage from the 1932 public domain classic “White Zombie.”

Starring Bela Lugosi and the Indigo Belly Dance (Rachel Brice, Mardi Love & Zoe) with music by Dan Cantrell and the Toids.

For more info about the Indigo visit:

For more info about the music visit:

The Poetic Mind – Poetry writing workshop at Townsend Atelier

Photo: Townsend Atelier
Photo: Townsend Atelier

Press release from Townsend Atelier:

The Poetic Mind | Poetry Writing Workshop

for teens & adults with Lisa Dordal

Saturday, June 8 | 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Cost: $95

Pre-registration required. Classes fill up quickly so please register soon.

In the words of Dorianne Laux and Kim Addonizio, “the poetic mind is a muscle that needs exercise to stay in shape.” Finding the time and generating the motivation to exercise our poetic mind, however, can be a challenge for many of us. In this poetry writing workshop, led by poet and teacher Lisa Dordal, we will spend time exercising our poetic minds through a series of writing exercises designed to get new ideas flowing and/or provide new direction for old ideas. The exercises are intended primarily for beginning and intermediate writers but should be useful for experienced poets as well. Students will need to bring their preferred writing materials (laptop, paper, pen or pencil etc). There will be a one-hour lunch break. Lunch will be provided.


Lisa Dordal holds a Master of Divinity and a Master of Fine Arts in poetry, both from Vanderbilt University, and currently teaches in the English Department at Vanderbilt. Her poetry has appeared in a variety of journals and anthologies, and her chapbook, Commemoration, was released in 2012 from Finishing Line Press. She lives in Nashville with her partner, Laurie, and their two retired greyhounds.

Upcoming at Townsend Atelier:

Artist: James Courtenay James
Artist: James Courtenay James



Instructor: James Courtenay James


Instructor: James Courtenay James


instructor: Mia Bergeron


instructor: James Courtenay James


instructor: James Courtenay James


instructor: Kirsten Stingle


instructor: Claire Vassort

MES presents Shane Carruth’s film “Upstream Color” June 2nd

MES Filmclub
MES Filmclub

From the press release:

Mise en Scenesters are extremely fortunate to have an opportunity to screen one of the most unique and visionary films of 2013 writer/director/editor/producer/star Shane Carruth’s (PRIMER) mind bending sci-fi masterwork UPSTREAM COLOR. The film premiered in January at the Sundance Film Festival and MES are proud to offer a one night only screening of the film here in Chattanooga. This is one you really want to experience in a theatrical setting. You WILL want to talk about it as soon as you see it and we’re honestly looking forward to the conversations.

So join us Sunday, June 2nd at the lovely Barking Legs Theater and experience one of the coolest and most unforgettable films in recent memory. Tickets are just five dollars and all proceeds go directly to the filmmaker himself. So just by attending you’re not only supporting the indie film community here in Chattanooga but also indie film and filmmakers on a national level.

Check out the film’s trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5U9KmAlrEXU

for more information about the other films in MES’ summer film schedule visit us at www.mesfilmclub.com

Sequatchie Valley Institute 15th annual Food for Life, May 31- June 2

food for life-2013-04-16-at-5.07.15-PMFrom the press release:

Sequatchie Valley Institute Food for Life
Sequatchie Valley Institute Food for Life

For nearly two decades the Sequatchie Valley Institute’s annual “Food for Life” event at Moonshadow has gathered thinkers, practitioners, dreamers, and eaters alike.  On the walls of the ancient Cumberland Plateau, Food for Life is an act of community connecting and opening us to the flow of energy we call food.

In a space where being is your criteria for expertise, discussion and presentations range from the practical, common, and scientific to the edgy netherworlds of speculation, mythology, and spirit.  Topics covered in these manners include, fermentation and the art of cooking,  the joy of eating, nutrition, herbal medicine, crop and animal production and building relationships with the origins of our food.

Workshop leaders are drawn from a wide background of expertise and experience – allowing for a variety in the types of teaching, learning, and interaction.

Sessions Cover:

  • SVI - Food for Life
    SVI – Food for Life

    food preparation and preservation strategies, including canning, drying, and fermentation. The exploration of various fermentation cultures, such as sour kraut and kim chi, mead, wine and beer making, kombucha, kefir, sour dough, miso, yogurt and cheese making. Our keynote speaker on this topic is Sandor Katz, the well loved southeastern author of “The Art of Fermentation” and “Wild Fermentation.” This underground fermentation superhero will be sharing his enthusiasm for & wisdom about various aspects of health and vitality through fermentation.

  • permaculture gardening & edible landscaping, with an emphasis on how to create & live within your own abundant environment
  • plant walks, meeting & greeting our local wild edible & medicinal plants here in the forest, harvesting, discussion and preparation of various medicines
  • metabolic, nutritional, biochemical, evolutionary relationships to health and disease
  • theoretical and political explorations of the social and ecological implications of industrial agriculture as well as the pitfalls of the modern diet & an exploration of various methods of creating sustainable community-based food systems instead of global monopolies
  • a comprehensive kids program encouraging adventurous eating & a real connection & relationship with food.  We will be sharing yummy snack ideas that kids prepare & share, food based art projects, ways to play with your food, kids fermentation by making herbal sodas & general fun in the garden & fun with our food.  We view kids as the future and helping them to fully understand how important it is to make wise choices about where their food comes from, how it is prepared & the ways in which we share it is imperative to a sustainable & abundant future.
  • the art of bread making, culminating in a pizza party in our outdoor wood fired earthen oven
  • tours of our land and hand built homes, permaculture gardens and sustainable lifestyle
  • games, theatre, live music, sharing circles, and of course, delicious food!
SVI - Food for Life
SVI – Food for Life

All events are intentionally affordable and we ask $25 — $50 per adult, per day and children are $5-$20 per child per day, which includes lovingly prepared nutritious meals and admission to all workshops and lectures.

There is a $10 camping fee for the weekend.  Sliding scales are available for those who need it. All Sequatchie Valley Institute members receive a 10% discount.  We are not for profit (501c3), and all proceeds go to cover the costs of this and future events. Limited work trade is available and needs to be arranged in advance. Food trade is accepted, but only if the food is nutritionally and ethically sound (i.e., produced in manner that makes our world a better place). All food trade must be approved in advance.

Our goal is to deepen community through educating and empowering people in one of the most fundamental aspects of being… FOOD.

[Click here for full schedule of this year’s Food for Life at Sequatchie Valley Institute]

Musical “JEKYLL & HYDE” opens at Ensemble Theatre of Chattanooga

Jekyll&HydeEditFrom the press release:

Ensemble Theatre of Chattanooga (ETC) will open Jekyll & Hyde, the 1997 musical by Frank Wildhorn, Leslie Bricusse, and Steve Cuden, on Friday, June 7, 2013. The production will run through Sunday, June 23, with performances on Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 PM and Sundays at 2:30 PM. There will also be two Thursday performances, taking place on June 13 and June 20 at 7:30 PM. All performances will be held at the theatre’s space inside Eastgate Town Center at 5600 Brainerd Road.

Wildhorn’s Jekyll & Hyde is a loose adaptation of the 19th Century novel The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson. In the musical version, Dr. Henry Jekyll’s struggle to separate man’s good and evil sides is paralleled in his relationships with his upper-class fiancée Emma Carew and a poor bar singer named Lucy Harris. ETC’s production features a cast of 18, making it the theatre’s largest production to date. John Thomas Cecil plays both Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Emma Carew is portrayed by Marianna Allen, and Lucy Harris is played by Jennifer Arbogast.

“For me, Jekyll & Hyde is summed up perfectly by the first act song ‘Facade,’ says director Garry Lee Posey. “Man is constantly struggling with how he sees himself and how the world around him views him, and there are many levels to both of those ideals. The plot of the show is simple: man seeks to do good, but the search is fraught with difficulty from both the outer world and himself. That is universal. When I direct a show, it simultaneously comes from my own personal struggles and encompasses a message I feel important for an audience to understand. My approach goes deeper than simply entertaining. I have met resistance from all sorts over what might be both an elitist and potentially gratuitous approach, a struggle that mirrors that of Henry Jekyll’s initial intent.”

Actor John Thomas Cecil adds, “We have two sides to each of us. They are constantly at war, to do good or evil. Sometimes it’s apparent and sometimes not, but it is always there. I love that I have the chance to play a role that completely blurs the line between the two sides when they are often considered so far apart. And the acting challenge of playing two very distinct characters, several times within the same scene, is incredible. I hope I can live up to the challenge.”

Tickets are $20 for General Admission and $15 for students with a valid student ID. They can be purchased online at http://www.ensembletheatreofchattanooga.com, by phone at (423) 987-5141, or at the door beginning one hour before each performance. Discounted tickets are available for groups of 10 or more. Doors open 30 minutes before show time. Free parking is available at Eastgate Town Center.

About Ensemble Theatre of Chattanooga (ETC)

ETC is a non-profit theatre company housed at the Eastgate Town Center at 5600 Brainerd Road. This is ETC’s fourth season.  For more information about the season, programming and opportunities, visit http://www.ensembletheatreofchattanooga.com