“Tennessee Fort Payne horizontal well completed”

According to Oil & Gas Journal, Miller Energy Resources Inc. out of Knoxville has,  “Reported completion of a horizontal well in Mississipian Fort Payne limestone in Tennessee.

From the report:

Initial test rate at the CPP-H-1 well in Scott County was 365 b/d of oil and 730 Mcfd of gas on a ¾-in. choke with no water. Miller Energy said the lateral exposed 2,300 ft of pay section (OGJ Online, Dec. 21, 2012).

Production is to start as soon as the company receives Environmental Protection Agency approval to reject the gas into the solution gas drive reservoir. Miller Energy expects the well to produce 200-225 b/d of oil equivalent once reinjection has started.

Miller Energy has spudded a second Fort Payne horizontal well and designated two more for drilling soon. The company has identified 25 sites on 40,000 acres on which it may drill horizontal wells.

The company estimated that it has previously recovered 9% of the original oil in place on its acreage and expects future horizontal wells to greatly increase the recovery factor.

This is like opening a Pandora’s box.    The lid’s been cracked and out fly earthquakes, chemical spills, oil spills, sickened livestock, contaminated underground aquifers, loud BOOMS and sinkholes caving into porous, soon-to-be-fractured, limestone bed.  Is this what we call living in the moment?  Because, we sure aren’t looking out for the future health of the animal nor human species that inhabit Tennessee’s land surface.  Certainly no one  looks forward to loud booms and sinkholes opening up, but we’re addicted to fossil fuels..


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