“All survive after jet lands in sea off Bali” – BBC

Source: BBC News
Source: BBC News

From the BBC report:

An airliner has ended up in the sea off the Indonesian island of Bali after missing Denpasar airport runway, but all those on board survived.

Hospitals treated 22 people after the crash, which involved an Indonesian Lion Air plane carrying 101 passengers and seven crew.

Photos posted on Twitter showed the jet with its fuselage cracked, sitting in water near rocks, with dinghies nearby.

The Boeing 737 was on a domestic flight from Bandung in West Java.

It’s a miracle that everyone on board was spared, as a passenger on the jet was reported as saying that, “The plane plunged into the sea at high speed.”

Susan Rennison commented on her website about this jet crash.  She states:

Was this a satellite navigation fail? It sounds like there was not much room for failure… Well, I don’t care whether authorities want to blame the pilots. In a chaotic Geomagnetic/EM environment with military spokesmen and others screaming about the problems with GPS and associated navigation systems (see archives), generating regular reports of billion dollar submarines and tankers crashing, we all have a right to wonder. I don’t know if there are solutions to fixing the problem of inaccurate navigational data, but at the moment, space weather is roiling the ionosphere and the result is there will be more major incidents where locational precision is vital. Whatever, I would like to congratulate the pilots that nobody died when the plane hit the water.


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