“Post-Glacial Rebound”

This Truther Girls video features a theory about what’s causing the changes in climate that we are seeing today.  Here’s a summary of the theory of “post-glacial rebound” from the Believer’s Underground author, as she describes it:

It began when the atmosphere was nuked in the 1950’s and 60’s, causing radiation to be dispersed into Earth’s atmosphere.   According to an official PDF document, stratospheric aerosols are capable of blocking radiation, so maybe that’s why the planes continue spraying chemtrails.  Are these meant to provide a “radiation shield”?

There has been no global warming in the last 15 years, according to several recent studies.  But, sea levels are rising in some areas, or perhaps land is sinking in some areas and rising in others.  The polar ice caps are melting.  [This is partially true]  So, why would  anyone want to spray aerosols to deflect radiation[solar or man-made], as metal oxides are so damaging to trees and people?  She mentions sinkholes and earthquakes and relates these to the pressure build up from big oil pipelines and fracking processes.

So, why would eugenicists depopulate themselves, she ponders?  Are they that “omnipotent -omniscient”?

Or, did they just screw up too badly and now they’re trying to fix it?  [What about the radiation caused by the Fukushima meltdown?]  Truther Girl concludes that things are getting worse, but, that we’re only seeing the “repercussions” of it now.

My take on climate change is that it’s cyclical, it changes quite drastically from time to time on planet Earth.   Every planet in the solar system shows that it has weathered some catastrophic damage in the past.  So, why explode nukes in the atmosphere and then spray aerosols to deflect the radiation, when both are extremely harmful?

One polar cap is melting, while the other is getting bigger.  Has this happened before on this planet?  It probably has.  What if the thought of it makes us feel powerless?  Maybe that’s why we’re engaged in endless war all over the world, releasing even more toxic chemicals into our enemies’ environment, where we all have to breath.   I have seen the enemy and we are him.

I think we clearly have a death wish.  Or perhaps we’re overcompensating out of fear of the great, unknown catastrophe to come.  Why are so many people hungry, homeless?  And, why are we so set on depopulating the Earth of all it’s creatures?  Are we to self-destruct in the face of great change?

Or, maybe we’re just living in the moment, day by day, hour by hour.  We go to work, come home, rush, rush, happy meal, soda and some TV to go to sleep with.  That’s the sad part, we’re not really living in the moment at all.  Allot of us are finding ourselves really sick, in fact.  So, we’re just trying to get by until the next doctor’s appointment, when the medication arrives that can stop the pain.  That’s not living, that’s dying.

But, because the problems are here, now and so are we, let’s face this uncertain oblivion with care and caution.  There are things that we can do as a species to make life better.  Let’s resolve our limited resource issues, create energy in a renewable fashion.  Let’s cease all the costly, toxic wars.  Let’s challenge our scientists to work together to better shield us and our environment from unforeseen catastrophe.  Let’s discontinue the egregious, sprawling, underground crude pipelines and seismic hydraulic fracturing for un-natural gas practices.   Let’s grow food on the land instead and pass heirloom varieties of seed on to future generations.

Graphene shows great promise as a nano-scale, carbon energy source of the future.  With bio-fuels, Virginia Tech has developed a way to efficiently create clean burning hydrogen.  Molten salt is being utilized in solar power plants to store sunlight during off-hours.  I just read about a nuclear fusion rocket that reportedly could transport a crew to Mars, not that I would recommend that and it’s a bit boastful besides.  But, nuclear fusion power plants might help solve the energy crisis too, and without the heartache of having to store nuclear waste for millennia to come.  And then there’s the basics of electricity and magnetism, but the problem with overunity devices is that you can’t charge for them.  That’s a story in itself.

Our fossil fuel addiction is killing us.  All manner of fossil fuels, when extracted, refined and burned or processed(that’s where mineral oil comes from) are harmful to us and to our environment.  Uranium need not be mined and processed at all.  Uranium is better left in the ground because, thus far no good has come out of mining it.  Inside the Earth, uranium is inert.  When we mine it and process it and split it, it’s toxic radiation, pure and simple.  A man once told me that he fished right downstream from the nuclear plant often and had complete faith that he was safe.  Until..,  But, it’s out of sight, out of mind, right?  We don’t have to worry about the tons of radioactive waste we’ve collected and stored in barrels for 30 years, as long as it’s not in my back yard.  And, we’ll never have a nuclear meltdown where I live, right?  Well, we all live downstream.

It’s ignorant to think that we’re going to deflect radiation from Fukushima and Chernobyl and Hiroshima, old atmospheric nuke tests, etc., by spraying aluminum oxide aerosols into Earth’s atmosphere.  It’s terrible for the health of all living, breathing beings.  So, please just stop.  Ground the plane and go home.  Grow a garden, build a greenhouse.   Have a life and enjoy your better health while you’re alive to.



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