“Dirty Energy Roadshow” at UTC April 11th

From the press release for the “Dirty Road Show at UTC” [The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga]:

Dirty Energy Road Show at UTC
Thursday April 11th
Lookout MOUNTAIN Room in the UC. 5pm-7pm
Signal MOUNTAIN Room @ 9:25am; 10:50am; 12:15-1:30pm

Eric Blevins will present on the parallels between coal, nuclear and other
forms of dirty energy, and their risks and consequences for local
communities and the world. Through vivid images and plain language the
complex tales of fuel extraction, nuclear and coal waste, impoundment
failures, and the health effects of radiation will come
alive. Highlighted stories are from the nuclear disaster in Fukushima
Japan, mountain top removal in Appalachia, and communities throughout the
world protecting themselves through grassroots organizing, litigation, and
direct action.
Sponsored by UTC Speakers and Special Events
UTC Student Government Association
BEST and Mothers Against Tennessee River Radiation


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