Beauty products contain endocrine disruptors?

Jennifer Weil reports for Women’s Wear Daily about a Western European non-profit consumer group’s analysis of “cosmetic and hygiene” products to find out which ones contain endocrine disruptors.

The Que Choisir consumer group published it’s findings as a cover piece in it’s April Magazine issue, according to the report.  Weil writes:

For the coverage, the organization analyzed 66 items and said it discovered such substances that may affect the endocrine system — which is responsible for making and releasing hormones — in preservatives, sun filters, emollients and antibacterial agents, for instance.

Que Choisir said it found “record concentrations” of endocrine disrupters in products such as Nivea’s Dry Comfort and Fresh Natural 48H deodorants and Water Lily & Oil shower gel. In Neutrogena Hand & Nail Cream, Nivea Aqua Sensation moisturizer and Labello lip balm it noted “elevated concentrations.”

The story appeared prior to the European Commission publishing its strategy on endocrine disrupters, which will likely take place in May, according to an EC spokesman.


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