Michael Cremo interviews – matter, mind and consciousness

Inspired by Indian texts, The Vedas that tell of a pre-history going back millions of years, researcher Michael Cremo believes that our current theory of pre-history is in need of revision.   These Hindu texts establish a cyclical nature of time, with civilizations coming and going.  This challenges the conventional view of time as linear, progressive and “evolutionary”, according to Cremo.

A few of the interviews with Michael Cremo are over 40 years old, made after the publication of the book he co-authored with Richard L. Thompson, called The Hidden History of the Human Race.  

The interviews show a culture grappling with ideas about where humans came from.  Cremo asserts that we are more than the chemicals that make up our bodies, we are matter plus mind plus consciousness.   He has since written a book called Human Devolution.


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