Jim Vieira presentation on ancient stone structures in New England

Stonemason and researcher Jim Vieira gives this talk/slideshow presentation in late 2012 at Greenfield Community College.   His fine collection of photographs from numerous ancient, but nearly forgotten stone chambers and found artifacts from sites in the American East is worth witnessing.

Vieira refutes the notion that these man-made structures, some massive and detailed, are merely “root cellars” built by early Colonial settlers.  He doesn’t believe that ancient American inhabitants were all merely hunter-gatherers.  The “mound-builders” were a “highly sophisticated race,” that built huge earthen and stone structures.

Through research of local histories, Vieira uncovers the Indexed Archeological Scrapbook of George Sheldon.  He calls this his “DaVinci moment”.

The Scrapbook is, “Filled with accounts of ancient mound builders,” Vieira reports.  He also presents a huge body of evidence for early American giants, some with double rows of teeth, from newspaper reports and photos, most written in the late 19th century.

For some, it is of the utmost importance that we humans are now living at the apex of civilization.  This is a dearly held notion for Neo-Darwinists.  But, evidence continues to mount in favor of “highly sophisticated” early humans inhabiting Earth during a planetary “Golden Age” when the kind of knowledge needed to build astronomically-aligned, permanent archeological sites was at hand.

It’s easy to see how this knowledge could become scattered and even lost during times of great floods,  massive volcanic eruptions and little ice ages that lead to mass challenges for life on Earth.  Still, it’s not easy to admit our vulnerability to climate changes, even if they are cyclical in nature.


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