Theoretical physicist Amit Goswami – quantum activism

Theoretical physicist Amit Goswami,  “The Quantum Activist MR News 1 of 2.”

Following is a summary of the ideas shared by Amit Goswami in this presentation:

Scientific Materialism says that objects are determined things, bound by scientific laws and that’s it.  It’s objective and determined.

Objects are not determined things, they are possibilities. 

Newton says that the electron just stays there.

Not so, in quantum physics-electrons are every where, a wave of possibility.  Electrons are in the room in possibility.  It also has a certainty.

Electrons are a bundle of possibilities.  It’s a wave of possibility and when we look, they are recognized in actuality.  In some experiments, we see electron in one place, whenever we see it.

Electron is everywhere in the room in possibility.  If I set up geiger counter in this room everywhere.  In one experiment, electron will be measured in one place and in another, another place.   Many experiments, identical, electron shows up all over.   A wave of possibility but when we see it, it shows up in one place.

“Electron is a wave of possibility and when we look, the electron is converted into actuality, a localized electron.”

The Observer Effect –

“Let’s now ponder an additional input – quantum surprise.”

When you look, possibility becomes actuality.  There is a mathematical theorem of quantum physics and material interactions… which says that material interactions can never transform possibility into actuality.

“Material interactions can only change possibility into other possibility… you never get actuality, you never get a localized electron by doing that.”

Quantum physics has been verified in the laboratory to 1 part in 100 million.  It’s here to stay.

Law of conservation of energy won’t be replaced either.

Dualism vs. materialism, but neither is correct.  But, scientists settled on monism, based on matter.

Suppose monism is based on consciousness.

Everything is made of consciousness.   But, matter is structure but consciousness is nebulous, just an idea.  We experience it, have it, but can we describe it.

What is awareness?  Consciousness is the ground of all being as has been taught for millennia, but we have never believed these mystical teachings.   So, dualism came to reign.

Why should you say that science is the only way of thinking.  Who are scientists to tell god what to do?

Right thinking has to be inclusive of all aspects to one’s life.

There are no dogmas in right thinking.  Science should be dogma free.

The laboratory is what takes science from one person’s opinion to science that is acceptable to all people. It is better not to rely on one particular person.  There is no one who can lead us to truth for everyone.

If it doesn’t help us, why should we believe it.  Scientific materialism doesn’t help because it says you have no choice.  Science must give us guidelines.

Quantum physics says that the objects of the world are possibilities.  Objects are not as concrete as we thought.

Electron, when you see it is a bundle of energy.  The collapse into matter is instantaneous.  There is consciousness and possibility.  We’re not determined things, we choose from moment to moment.  We’re not determined by our conditioning.  We undermine creativity when we believe we are determined.

There is signal-less communication, non-locality.  Quantum leaps have no continuity.

Non-local consciousness is objective but outside of us.  We assume that us is confined to this.  In non-local consciousness, no signals are needed.  There is all-inclusive interconnectedness.

Body-brain consciousness vs. all-inclusive consciousness, the two are distinct.

Thinking, feeling, intuition-  Thinking is partially computer.  Rational thinking is step-by-step, hierarchical.  But, there is a part that is not computable, meaning.  Meanings vary depending on context.  Meanings are not one to one and sometimes we discover completely new meaning.

We intuit about stuff, intuitive thought is like sudden revelation.

Love, justice, truth, do we know what they are?  Can we define them?

Machines cannot process intuition, but we can.

What do we feel?  Even the memory of the first experience of love of someone we really care about, gives us a feeling in our heart.  Love can be experienced as pain.

Feelings are movements of the Vital body, vital energy.  Movements of the vital body are feelings.

Vital world is made of possibilities.  Physical world is what we think, like an MRI picture.

Vital energies, this is a way out of dominance of materialist thinking, vital, mental meaning, intuition. Vital energies are associated with our organs.  The 7 chakras are all situated with organs of the body.   Every organ has corresponding vital field.

To give is a heart opening activity, receiving too.

Blockages are due to an aberration of thought that can block your vital energy.  Energy to connected organs will also be blocked.  Block off heart chakra and block immune system in the process.

Goswami recommends developing intuition and meaning and learning how to make a living doing these things.  Change the systems that are there to make our livelihood.  People are more and more looking for service jobs, because they’re about healing, bringing meaning.



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