Physicists debate about nothing, but some ideas aren’t worth sharing

As reported in Live Science, physicists attended a conference moderated by Neil deGrasse Tyson to debate the question, “What is nothing?”

Clara Moskwitz writes the article, including several individual responses by physicists.  So, is “empty space” nothing?

This debate reminds me of all the phantom dark matter and dark energy that is thought to exist in the exponentially expanding universe.  And that reminds me of another story I read today that claims that the universe is older than thought and completely homogenous, of course.

The scientists at the physics conference ponder whether nothing is like zero?  But, according to another story I read today, zero wasn’t implemented by humans until around 700 A.D..  So, if nothing has always existed, but wasn’t named until the 8th century, then have the scientists discovered something new?  I have effectively contradicted my own intuition twice in the last two paragraphs.

And, speaking of intuition, some of my favorite TED talks have been censored or banned by the non-profit organization.  It would seem that TED funders don’t care much for new ideas.  They just aren’t worth continuing to spread.  Or, maybe they’re worth sharing with censorious disapproval.  Either way, Rupert Sheldrake and Graham Hancock have earned the disdain of TED sponsors and Jim Vieira, with his evidence of the existence of ancient, giant mound builders in early America is completely out, banned by TED.

Dr. Sheldrake makes a good case for the need to reinstate consciousness into science, that the dogma of rational, materialists is becoming old hat.  The mind is not the brain.  Life is not meaningless and people are not “bumbling robots”.  Even quantum mechanics has shown repeatedly the non-locality of a photon.  Is it a wave or a particle?  Or, does it depend on whether an observer is watching as to whether a photon actually exists, or not?

Sheldrake presents a great challenge to the dogmas about the nature of our universe.  Scientists today are making incredible advances, allowing this community of human beings to go where no one has gone.  But, some ideas have to dissolve, as new discoveries lead us into the vast unknown, discoveries that simply cannot be explained by the Big Bang Theory.

Our universe is by no means static.  Just look at all of the reports of meteors recently.  We thought that meteors were extremely rare, we’ve been assured by science that they are, yet the call center phones lit up again yesterday with many reports of a meteor shooting through the sky along the East Coast of the U.S..

I just posted this article about the discovery that electromagnetic fields varied greatly in incubators.  The universe is alive.  Consciousness is what connects us to this living universe.  And, we may have removed emotional expression from our books in the last century, but all you have to do is turn on the radio to know that feelings are powerful.

What exists is not a “god particle”, but something unfathomable, more like aether, the “fifth element”.  You cannot refute the evidence of a mother feeling her child’s anguish, even from 1000 miles away.  We are part of existence, not separate from or superior/inferior to it.  And, I dare say that life is not as hierarchical as many imagine.  There is plenty of room for all kinds of intelligence in the universe, whether TED folks like it or not.  Sign me up for the TED worth censoring videos, the very ones I want to watch.


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