Nigerian master novelist, poet and teacher Chinua Achebe has died

Here, Chinua Achebe is interviewed for CNN series “African Voices”.   He passed today at 82 years of age.

LA Times reported the celebrated author and professor’s passing in a story titled,

“The world mourns author Chinua Achebe.”

About this author, Hector Tobar writes

Achebe was best known to American readers for his novel “Things Fall Apart.” Published in London in 1958, it tells a story set against the backdrop of the sunset of British colonial rule in Nigeria. It was translated into dozens of languages.

“It was in his famous novel ‘Things Fall Apart’ that many Africans saw themselves in literature and arts at the time when most of the writing was about Africans but not by Africans,” South African President Jacob Zuma said.

Achebe wrote five novels and many essays and works of criticism. In an appreciation in the New Yorker, Philip Gourevitch wrote: “As a storyteller, as a voice of his nation, as a cultural impresario, an intellectual combatant and provocateur, Achebe gained with age the status in Nigeria of a bard and a sage that the modern world rarely affords to writers.”


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