“The Primer Fields Theory” by David La Point – strong electromagnetism

In this video, physicist David La Point challenges the conventional theory of electromagnetism using lab studies of the behavior of duel magnetic bowls in a vacuum.   His “Primer Fields theory” is an explanation of, “The fundamental forces that hold all matter together from the sub-atomic level to the galactic level.”

La Point is currently securing a patent for this research.  I transcribed a few statements asserting that electromagnetism is the strong force in the universe.  His research would be welcome news for scientists like Leedskalnin, who built the Coral Castles monuments almost single handedly.  Buckminster Fuller might also be impressed by La Points’ use of “bucky balls” within the nucleus of duel magnetic bowls in a vacuum chamber to demonstrate how they form by necessity an array of geometric patterns.

Quotes and a brief summary of La Point’s demonstrations are as follows:

“This is the case in Radio galaxy Hercules A.  There is clearly actual matter being ejected along the axis of this galaxy from the evidence we see here.  I have undertaken 100’s of plasma experiments and I am convinced that external electricity alone cannot explain the formation we find in Hercules A.  So, let’s take a look at how matter can be ejected by these bowl shaped magnetic fields.” 

He demonstrates “magnetic ejection”.  Once the ball was moved past the balance point, it shot out from the bowl with force.

“Knowing now that all matter has a magnetic component to it, you can now see how these incredibly strong bowl-shaped magnetic fields in space could accelerate matter to nearly the speed of light without requiring external electricity, black holes, dark matter or even dark energy.”

Ejection jets are formed from the magnetic fields, he says.

The shape of the reaction changes as, “We adjust the the distance between the bowl-shaped magnetic field emitters.” 

Also, a disk of plasma will form around the equator of the magnetic fields.

“These formations of plasma rotate at high speeds, even though the field emitters are stationary.”

“These bowl-shaped magnetic fields will cause magnetized and non-magnetized balls to form orbital rings around the nucleus of the fields.” 

“Then in the nucleus area, we found that non-magnetized steel balls formed geometrically shaped arrays that match the patterns found in the molecular level.” 

“Non-magnetized metal balls formed amazing arrays around these magnetic fields.” 

“A magnetic ball was held in line with the equator of these bowl-shaped magnetic fields.” 

“The orbital distance is controlled by the spacing between these magnetic field emitters.” 

“These bowl-shape magnetic fields will repel non-magnetized steel balls away from the bottom of the bowl, in line with the axis.” 

“These magnetic bowls will also eject matter at high velocities.”

4 thoughts on ““The Primer Fields Theory” by David La Point – strong electromagnetism”

  1. Hi , I’ve been watching The Primer Field documentaries . Im not formally educated but have been interested in science as a kid . What I really find interesting in this theory is that it is simple to understand and takes the illusive theory of gravity out of the equation . What really excited me was the magnetic theory of supernovae remnants becaus it fortifies my idea that planets are created within a magnetic vortex by the supernovae remnants ejected by their “parent star ” . Basically our planets are the remnants ejected from our sun

  2. This is only the beginning. There is so much more to come. When you see that this structure also governs atoms, human cells, etc… your mind will start to race. Let it begin!

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