“Germany weathers darkest winter in 43 years” – Spiegel online

Foto: Joerg Koch/dapd Source: Spiegel online
Foto: Joerg Koch/dapd
Source: Spiegel online

The Spiegel online report begins with this:

The days may be getting longer, but there’s still not a hint of springtime sunshine in Germany. Weather data shows that this winter has been the gloomiest in 43 years. If the sun doesn’t start shining soon, it will be the darkest winter on record.

Since 1951, weather records have been kept in Germany.   There were only 104 sunlight hours recorded in 1970, but this year only 100 hours of sunlight have been recorded.   Chilly, damp winters are common in Germany, but this one has been particularly so, according to the Spiegel report.

The article continues:

Light deprivation can have a serious effect on the human body, leading to what is known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD) or the “winter blues.” But those feeling down should resist the urge to hide under the covers at home and go and exercise outside instead, DWD biometeorologist Christina Koppe-Schaller told AFP.  

Even under cloudy skies, there is enough light to encourage the production of the mood-regulating neurotransmitter serotonin in the body. “The eye takes in sunshine for hormone production,” she explains. But if it gets too little natural light, the result can be lethargy and depression.

Read the full report, click here.



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