Secrets of the Bosnian pyramids, interview with Sam Osmanagich

Virtual Light produced this interview with archeologist and pyramid expert, Sam Osmanagich about his research at the site of the Bosnian pyramids.  Osmanagich maintains that these pyramids, discovered in 2005 are the oldest[radio-carbon dated at 25,000 years old] and the largest in the world.  Made out of huge boulders and featuring solid, concrete floors, the Bosnian pyramids also feature a network of tunnels carved out beneath them.  He has set up an independent non-profit organization to explore this ancient “pyramid of the sun”.  The video description reads:

7 elements of his discovery of the pyramids in Bosnia
Blockages put up by his own government
Made the project public and accepted volunteers
Found proof of energy field shooting straight up from the pyramid top. Signal gets stronger the further up you go.  Source of the energy is found 1 ½ miles below the pyramid. Pyramid makes it stronger, magnifies it.
Chambers beneath pyramid appear to be rejuvenation chambers
Evolving or devolving?


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