“Meteorite UFO Chelyabinsk. Saved us?”

This was posted by Erema Eremin on you tube the day after the meteorite broke up mid air over Chelyabinsk, Russia.

Author and space weather interpreter Susan Joy Rennison has posted several articles on her News of the Imbalance blog about this meteor.  She translates from Russian the description that was posted with this video:

Google Russian – English Translation: Look just below the tail and see the UFO that catches up and runs into a meteor breaks it and goes away. 

Joyfire_Final_CoverIs this another example of a UFO/UAP/orb breaking up an incoming meteor? The video shows an object catching up with the Chelyabinsk meteor that was travelling at about 64,000 kilometres per hour… it passed straight through it and then the meteor exploded… If it was a missile, it should have exploded on impact not pass through the meteor…. There have been other occasions where an orb has been seen spinning around an incoming meteor which is then seen to break up, video clips are available in my archives… Well, my research has informed me that this planet has an Earth Management Team that keeps this planet under some kind of cosmic guard and performs certain ‘housekeeping’ functions… If the orb had not broken this small asteroid up, there might have been a real tragedy, thousands dead… Even President Putin thanked God that the ‘small’ asteroid did not land… I don’t know why it was not broken up in space like Comet P/Shoemaker-Levy 9, (Russian astronomers referred to this object as a “plasmoid train”) that got broken up on our behalf in July 1994 and plunged into Jupiter… BUT, this is the reason why I get very irritated by the ignorance…. WE ARE NOT ALONE and the show is not being only run by a bunch of ‘evil’ aliens, entities and demons… 


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