Nemo Blizzard Skies

From the Description:

Published on Feb 8, 2013

Video documents 02/07/13 atmospheric modifications. Location: Hamden, Connecticut. Overnight prior to dawn 02/07 there was heavy aerosols laid out through out the night. The dawn of morning had a very apparent dispersed chemtrail haze. The aerosoling continued till approx 1:00PM . At approx 1:001:30 it became evident that aerosol was reacting to directed energy. By 2:00 PM the change had become quite noticeable with waves in the sky, By 2:30 peak energy was reached . My bet is this will likely intensify the blizzards wind and snowfall. This event similar in that it involved two weather patterns one from SW & one from Great Lakes area however directed energy was running from different direction: Prior to Hurricane Sandy NNW-SSE. Prior to Blizzard event ran from SSW-NNE. 33-40 Inches snowfall totals were reported from Hamden Connecticut after the blizzard had passed.


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