“Obliterating Problems is My Job” video by Abraham-Hicks

From the video description:

Published on Nov 14, 2012

A particularly poignant interaction with a military man who — until about an hour before — had never even heard of Abraham. “You’ve got to offer a signal about what you want, not about the absence of what you want.”

“The problems that you are attempting to obliterate are getting bigger and bigger and bigger and bolder. It does not work.”

“When you go general, there is so much that you want, that is right on target. You want a better functioning world. You want the majority of people to live in peace and harmony. You want the children of the world to eat and feel secure. You want physical well-being. You want it so much that you’re willing to do everything in your power in order to achieve it.”

Excerpted from Abraham LIVE — Boston, MA 9/29/12.

All things Abraham: http://www.abraham-hicks.com


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