More booms in Morristown reported today

Source: WBIR News 10
Source: WBIR News 10

In an article entitled, “Still no answer to what shook up Morristown Tuesday night,” WBIR News 10 posted a report on the latest booms that prompted close to 100 911 calls.

According to News 10, the US Geological Survey has responded that it was not an earthquake and they are still trying to find answers to the booms that have shaken up Morristown.

This report, dated 13 Feb 2013 states: [All emphasis mine]

We talked to TDEC (Tennessee Department of Environmental Conservation)  Spokeswoman Meg Lockhart said fracking wasn’t to blame.

“We have zero oil or gas wells in Hamblen County, and no fracking that occur any closer than Claiborne or Campbell County,” says Lockhart.

We also checked in with the only permitted mining operation in Hamblen County, according to Lockhart.  

A manager for Vulcan Materials in Morristown says while they do occasionally “pull a shot” to extract rock from the ground, they did not do so on Tuesday.  

Hamblen County EMA Director Chris Bell says they don’t believe the shaking is attributable to any road work either. He says they’ve contacted TDOT and the contractors responsible for area sewer and road work and both confirmed they were not responsible for the shaking.  

He says they’re waiting on a written confirmation from geologists, but they also do not believe the area has any natural gas deposits which could be the culprit. He says they’ve also investigated the possibility of methane gas contributing to the quake phenomenon, and have ruled that out.

Do you have any theories?  Post them in the comment section below, and we’ll try to check them out.

Read the full report at WBIR here.   

A 2nd story by WBIR on the “earth shaking” booms is also linked here. 

This story’s commenters had several theories as to what could have caused Tuesday’s booms.  Two suggested that HAARP may have been involved.   Another asked if there might be a new top secret experiment at nearby Oak Ridge Lab.  And, another commented that it sounded different from the earthquake that happened several weeks ago.   Morristown booms are still a mystery.


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