Hawaii to pass GMO labeling bill, but only for imported food

Source: Digital Journal

An op-ed by Anne Sewell appeared in the Digital Journal announcing that Hawaii is the 1st state in the U.S. to pass a labeling bill for genetically modified foods. Sewell writes:

“But, the bill was amended so as to only apply to produce imported from outside Hawaii.” 

Apparently, the new bill only requires labeling for produce that is imported.  It does not cover GMO produce grown within the state of Hawaii, like papaya.  Nor, does it cover fast-food that contains meats from animals that were fed genetically modified grains.  Sewell quotes Occupy Monsanto Maui from their facebook page:

“They state that the amendment “only covers incoming raw agricultural products, which means that it basically covers very little, except a little crookneck squash, any Monsanto sweet corn brought fresh into the state, or if a non-browning GMO apple is approved.” So maybe it is not time to get too excited.”


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