World-wide seismic disturbance early this morning 6 Feb 2013

This morning’s is an amazing plasmic solar flare to witness!   Suspicious Observers zooms in on the live Internet Seismic Server that showed seismic disturbance was off the charts.

“Every active working helio-plot on the planet began shaking as the new day began,” he says.

Here are four reports sited in the video about ionospheric disturbances that have preceded earthquakes:

“The ionospheric disturbance before the Chile earthquake in 2010”

“Ionospheric density variations recorded before the 2010 Mw 8.8 earthquake in Chile”

“Ionospheric anomalies observed over South Korea before Tohoku earthquake”

“Formation mechanism of great positive TEC disturbances prior to Wenchuan earthquake on May 12, 2008”

Then, he sited this article about the new earthquake prediction equipment:

“Could static electricity hold the keys to predicting earthquakes?  Scientists say they are close to breakthrough that could save lives”

“Multimillion dollar trial to commence along major fault lines”

So, disturbances in the ionosphere of earth do affect seismic activity within the earth.  We are not as alone in the universe as we once thought.


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