Little Country Giants and Tiffany Taylor at BLT on 17 February

LCGiantsFeb17ArtFRONT productions brings the Little Country Giants back to Chattanooga on Sunday, the 17th of February, 2013.  Tiffany Taylor will join them for this concert at Barking Legs Theatre.   Here’s more about these artists from ArtFront:

Little Country Giants are one of the most profoundly genuine Americana groups in the country. This can be said about a lot of traditional style musicians but the brilliant melodic songwriting and vocals of Cameron Federal Cook and husband Russel Cook push them into the realm of genius on many levels. One of the earlier discoveries and offerings of the ArtFRONT concert series, The Little Country Giants still boast the largest attended show we have produced at Barking Legs, outdoing even Kaki King in attendance. This return performance comes after a long developmental break, while the family took the opportunity to raise babies, teach school and continue to distill their familial harmonies and song crafting expertise. We are very fortunate to have them living so close by that they have made Barking Legs a regular stop while on tour across the country. Natives of Rome and now Ranger Georgia, there is no influence they have had to reach outside the southern hills for, no reason whatsoever to struggle to find an outside inspiration. Their talent is so natural that it brings chills to the listener as they are absorbed completely into the true purpose of music whenever the Little Country Giants are on a roll, either onstage or in the totality of the craftsmanship of their recordings.


The Band’s new CD “60 Grit”
indicates a coarse grade of sandpaper, for Heavy sanding and stripping, roughing up the surface. Keep in mind that “stripped down” by Little Country Giants’ standards is Cameron Cook on upright bass and vocals and Russel Cook on guitar and vocals, essentially a 4 piece in any other band right there. Then add in Rurik Nunan on fiddle, (5 piece!) and a brush & snare player and it’s a complete ensemble with traditional style vocal harmonies. Bundling this much raw talent and ability togther makes for a tight little bundle indeed. Rough? it never enters the picture. The Giants swing, sometimes slowly sometimes quick tempo. If I had named this album it would’ve been “150 Grit” – Fine.


Introducing Tiffany Taylor. A regular performer on Chattanooga’s open mic. scene for the last few years, Tiffany has surfaced from that mix with some of this community’s most memorable original songs (“Dirty Minded Boys” is the kind of hit material major label performers clamor for…) Her voice and stage presence is developing into the kind of genuine southern charm that Tift Merritt displays while her confidence can be observed growing each week. Tiffany Taylor was chosen to receive Chattanooga’s 2012 MakeWork grant for songwriting, which sponsors her to produce an entire original album utilizing local studios and musicians. She will document the process to provide other aspiring songwriters with an online guide through the entire songwriting process. Her guide is intended to help other artists overcome the emotional ups and downs of writing, performing, and producing an album. ArtFRONT Presentations is proud to be one of the first independent sponsors of a full spotlight on Tiffany Taylor’s performance in the immaculately produced sound quality of Barking Legs’ listening room.


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