“Dung beetles navigate by the stars”

Popular Science published a report on the findings by zoologist, Marie Dacke that dung beetles that “celestial navigation” could be “guiding dung beetles”.

Shanacy Ferro reports for popsci:

“Marie Dacke, a zoologist at Sweden’s Lund University, studies the way animals navigate. In a study online this week in Current Biology, she and a team of researchers looked into the surprisingly sophisticated navigational habits of the dung beetle, finding that they too have their eyes on the skies.”

According to Dacke’s research, dung beetles roll dung in a straight line while walking backwards.  Ferro continues:

“Dacke’s previous research has shown that dung beetles use the sun, the moon and celestial polarization patterns to keep them moving in a straight line. Yet nocturnal beetles can stay their course even on moonless nights, guided by the stars.”


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