Black History Celebration with Sounds of Destiny

Black history celebrateSounds of Destiny presents “Together, We Shall Overcome”,  their 2013 Black History Celebration” on 17 February 2013 at 6:00 PM at Metropolitan Tabernacle.

Here’s more from the press release:

Enjoy music selections such as: There’s A Leak In This Old Building, Go Down Moses, Ride On King Jesus and many more…  

Featuring Special Guests: Metro Music, Dana Sanders, Wendy Bennett, Joseph Martin and others!

Experience music, dance, drama, mime, and poetry that will touch your heart and move your soul, as they celebrate the beauty and power of diversity!

Here’s more about Sounds of Destiny organization by co-founder and director Adam Aziz:

“Sounds Of Destiny is an inter-racial community chorus that performs excellent choral music for the community and provides artistic and educational resources to promote the work of racial reconciliation… The Sounds of Destiny mission and vision is very specific, “building bridges and celebrating diversity”. Through the power of choral music and the arts, Sounds of Destiny builds bridges between people from all walks of life. Our concerts celebrate the diversity of all men, and our music bridges the gap between the past and the present- bringing together people who have been separated by a long and difficult racial history.”



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