“UK scientists bid to mimic plant energy”

“Photosynthesis is the process by which plants convert sunlight into sugars to help them grow.” Photograph: Visuals Unlimited/Getty Images

The Guardian has published this report announcing that an, “£800,000 research project will attempt to replicate photosynthesis in order to make a more efficient renewable fuel.”

In order to do this, scientists must figure out how plants use photosynthesis to make sugars from sunlight.  The method will involve, “Placing tiny solar panels on microbes to harness sunlight and drive the production of hydrogen,” the article continues.   The project’s lead researcher Professor Julea Butt  is quoted for the Guardian report:

Reserves of fossil fuels are dwindling and fuel prices are rising, so it’s really vital that we look to renewable energy supplies…  Many renewable energy supplies such as sunlight, wind and the waves remain largely untapped resources.”

“This is mainly due to the challenges that exist in converting these energy forms into fuels from which energy can be released on demand – for example when we want to switch on a light, boil water, play computer games or drive a car.”



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