Rupert Sheldrake on “Science set Free” at Electric Universe conference

Rupert Sheldrake spoke about the 10 dogmas that plague science from his book, “Science set Free” at the Electric Universe conference at the beginning of January 2013.  Sheldrake say’s that science must be set free from the, “Science Delusion” or,  “The belief that science is already understood, the nature of reality and principle, leaving only the details to be filled in…people think they already know the truth.

Sheldrake’s believes that these 10 scientific dogmas must be let go, because none of them stand up to proof based on empirical observation. Sheldrake names them:

Dogma 1: “Mechanistic science, this has been a foundational principle since the beginning of modern science in the 17th Century… the belief that nature is mechanical, or machine-like.  Nature, stars animals and plants are machines.”    

“That’s why you can have industrial agriculture, genetic engineering and factory farming and so on, they’re just machines.

And we’re machines too, ‘lumbering robots’ in Richard Dawkin’s vivid phrase, with brains that are genetically programed computers.”  

Dogma 2: “The total amount of matter and energy is always the same, except at the moment of the Big Bang, when it all appeared from nowhere.”  

[The 3rd dogma is similar, that the Laws of Nature are fixed]  “The laws and constants of the world are the same today as they were at the moment of the Big Bang, when they they all suddenly appeared, like some cosmic Napoleonic code.” 

“As Terrence McKenna used to say, “Modern science is based on the principle, give us one free miracle and we’ll explain the rest.’

“The miracle is all from nothing in a single instant.” 

[The 4th dogma is that matter is unconscious.]   “The universe is made up of totally unconscious matter.”  

5th: “Nature is purposeless.  There are no purposes in nature and the evolutionary process has no purpose or direction.”  

“Six, biological inheritance is material. It’s genetic, in the genetic material DNA, or possibly in epigenetic modifications of the DNA, which are also chemical in nature or in cytoplasmic inheritance. But, at any rate, it’s all material.”  

7- “Memories are stored as material traces inside the brain.  Everything you remember is somewhere inside your head, as a stored memory.. in some material form which has not been fully identified..”   

8- “The mind is inside the head… your mind is nothing but what goes on in your brain.”  

9: “Psychic phenomena are illusory.  Things like telepathy can’t really happen because that would imply that the mind could be at a distance from the body and they can’t do that because it’s all inside the head.”  

Dogma 10:  “Mechanistic medicine is the only kind that really works.  Alternative and Complementary therapies may appear to work but that’s only because people would have got better anyway or it’s all a placebo effect.”  [It’s the only kind taught in schools and funded by government agencies.]  

“This is essentially the Materialist world view.  And, it became the dominant view of science in the 19th Century.” 

“Science has been hijacked by Materialist philosophy.” 

“It wasn’t Materialist before the 19th c, it was Dualist.”

“I think we can go beyond that to a more inclusive, more organic, organismic paradigm for science.”


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