“UTK to Frack the Cumberland Plateau”

Source: TCWN.org
Source: TCWN.org

Tennessee Clean Water Network has published a report on the University of Tn. at Knoxville’s proposal to lease, “8,500 acres of Public Land in East Tennessee to oil and gas companies as a means to study the effects of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking.”    They announce upcoming meeting to discuss this proposal:

A Request for Proposal (RFP) will be considered at a meeting of the Subcommittee of the State Building Commission this Thursday, January 31, in the State House Committee Hearing Room 30 at Legislative Plaza at 3 pm.

TCWN’s press release in it’s entirety:

Environmental groups from across the state have expressed their alarm over this unprecedented threat to water quality, human health, and wildlife habitat. The area under consideration is known as the Cumberland Forest and is at the headwaters of several major watersheds.

Why would they say “as a means to study the effects of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking.”, when the RFP says nothing about a study? If there is a study, it only studies existing gas fracking, NOT HYDROfracking.

Huge Turnout for Hydrofracking Talk

The Cherokee Chapter of the Sierra Club met on Monday night to talk about Hydrofracking in Hamilton County.   The crowd overwhelmed the Outdoors Chattanooga offices.  
Tennessee Clean Water Network Board Member, Dr. Henry Spratt, and UTK English Professor, Dr. Joe Wilferth, spoke to the audience about the history of hydrofracking in Tennessee and the current situation.  The attendees asked many questions and are really energized to work on this important issue.

Many, many thanks to the Cherokee Chapter for such a great meeting!
Pam Sohn of The Chattanooga Times Free Press recently wrote a great front page story about hydrofracking. To read the whole story, click here 

Click here for a list of oil gas permits already issued in 2012.


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