Study reports Americans spend more an health care yet have shorter lives and poorer health

A panel study titled, “U.S. Health in International Perspective: Shorter Lives, Poorer Health,” questions why Americans have shorter lives and poorer health than the populations of 16 other “comparable high income” countries, namely these- Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan,  Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands, andthe United Kingdom.

The study doesn’t find a smoking gun as to the cause for shorter life-span and poorer health for Americans.  Dr. Mercola attributes causation to poor diet, sedentary life-style and lack of sunlight.   Mercola published a “11 Basic Guidelines for Genral Health and Longevity,” in response to the Shorter Lives for Americans’ report.   I list these here:

1. Eat a healthy diet.

2. Replace sweetened drinks with water

3. Avoid all genetically altered foods

4. Eat fermented foods.

5. Consume healthy fats.

6. Eat plenty of raw food

7. Get plenty of exercise

8. Get sunlight(vitamin D0

9. Limit Toxin exposure.

10. Get enough sleep

11. Manage your stress.

Dr. Mercola says of this panel study on American health, or lack of:

“Let’s face it, government health recommendations and regulations relating to diet and health have failed miserably, and the featured report delivers the somber statistics of where we’re at on the global scene. While spending twice as much on health care per capita, we’re not getting results. I believe we’ll keep seeing more of the same until or unless we change our stance on what a healthy diet is, and what constitutes a healthy lifestyle. We need to move away from the idea that being on a dozen medications means you’re doing something right for your health… This is NOT health care. This is disease management, and it comes at a very steep price, namely your longevity.”



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