Pesticides killing amphibians-study

“A male European common frog (Rana temporaria), the species studied.” Credit: Christian Fischer / Wikimedia

Cosmos Magazine reports on a German study that concludes that pesticides kill amphibians.  The article notes:

“Tests of fungicides and insecticides, when used at recommended dilutions, killed 40% of frogs after seven days, and in one case, 100% of them after just one hour.”

The research team, led by Carsten Bruehl at the University of Coblenz-Landau in Germany, collected 150 European common frogs, “To expose them to seven agricultural products, the goal being to reproduce in the lab conditions that were akin to those in the field,” the report states.

One pesticide was found to be most harmful to frogs:

“The most toxic substance, according to the study, was Headline, used to prevent fungus in soybeans and wheat. At recommended dosage, it killed all of the tested frogs within one hour.”

The Cosmos article notes that, “According to the Red List of threatened biodiversity, 41% of frog and toad species are at risk of extinction.”   The German study was published in the journal Scientific Reports.


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