The Revelations Symposium; The Unveiling on 17-19 May 2013 Nashville, Tn.

Here’s more from the press release:

You are invited to attend an extraordinary event in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Revelations Symposium: The Unveiling, featuring Graham Hancock, William Henry and Whitley Strieber, is your opportunity to spend an amazing and epic weekend with the three leading lecturers and authors specializing in ancient civilizations, advanced consciousness and the unveiling of extraterrestrial contact. A fourth special mystery guest to be announced later will join this engaging line-up.

Let’s get together and reveal the truth of our times.

Participation in this one-of-a-kind event is limited to 140 people to insure personal attention and participation.

Registration is $295.00


The peaceful setting of the Nashville’s historic Scarritt-Bennett Center and the gothic, Harry Potter-esque architecture, beautiful landscaped grounds and warm hospitality provide the perfect environment to connect with these wonderful authors.


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