Elizabeth Rauscher, PhD – The Duality of Genius

Dr. Elizabeth Rauscher is interviewed on the Veritas Show.  The following comes from this video’s description:

Dr. Elizabeth Rauscher discussed the work of Einstein, Tesla, and others, and shared how their work has also been sequestered and turned as weapons, instead of progress. As many other researchers who step outside the proverbial box to help humanity, she has been threatened multiple times. As a holder of multiple patents, she is very aware that there is a duality with all inventions. They can be used to break the current paradigm or they can be used for destruction. One of her goals in life has been to figure what nature of reality is. 
Dr. Rauscher discusses the concept of time travel and says that mental time travel is possible and being used with remote viewing. From the age of 9 to 13 she built her own telescopes. Science sometimes behaveS like a religion, with its own unique structure. A true scientist changes their philosophy (their religion) to match the data. The date/facts are more important than what you believe them to be. That’s a non-religion. That is using information to decide what is meaningful and real vs. what is not. Religion says, “You believe or else!” That’s what our educational system says: “Shut up and believe the teacher!” That doesn’t allow for individuals to think and be their own human beings. And that’s the key. It’s the freedom to think. The freedom to search for truth and knowledge and meaning within their own lives. That’s the structure of society, religion, and even science. 
Civilization is a very thin façade. Compassion is crucial to the way we live. Compassion with the planet and every living being live in harmony. When astronauts leave Earth they need their life support system. Without it they die. Human beings are damaging their life-support system, planet Earth, and it’s out of power and greed. The main points that perpetuate the Status Quo are:
1. Resistance to change
2. Money and power invested in the system the way it is.


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