Long strands of “dust and gas” of the Milky Way called “bone”

Credit: NASA/JPL/SSC “Researchers have identified the first “bone” of the Milky Way — a long tendril of dust and gas that appears dark in this infrared image from the Spitzer Space Telescope. Running horizontally along this image, the “bone” is more than 300 light-years long.”

The Harvard Gazette reports, “Astonomers have identified anew structure in the universe, a long tendril of dust that they are calling a ‘bone’.”

The study’s lead author Alyssa Goodman of the  Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics refers to this newly identified space entrail as, “A delicate piece of the galactic skeleton.”  The article continues:

Internal bones, or endoskeletons, have been seen in other spiral galaxies. Observations, especially at infrared wavelengths of light, have found long, skinny features jutting between galaxies’ spiral arms.  These relatively straight structures are much less massive than the curving spiral arms.


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