President’s new science advisor says don’t rule out geoengineering

Bejing smog satellite photo
Source: NASA

Washington’ reports that the newly appointed science advisor to the president, John Holdren thinks we shouldn’t rule out dumping soot into the atmosphere to cool global warming:

“So President Obama’s science advisor, Dr. Holdren, is now saying that we might need to use soot to stop runway global warming. (Soot in the upper atmosphere can reflect sunlight and cool temperatures, but soot on the surface of ice helps warm and melt the ice by absorbing sunlight).”

The Washington blog author that soot is the old name for particle pollution and that’s exactly what Holdren has proposed spraying into the upper atmosphere.   The article’s author writes, “What’s wrong with that?”  Then, he repeats himself.

MSNBC also reports on Holdren’s fears about global warming and his proposal to possibly use geoengineering in the Arctic to cool the climate out.     The article quotes Holdren from an AP interview:

“His concern is that the United States and other nations won’t slow global warming fast enough and that several “tipping points” could be fast approaching. Once such milestones are reached, such as complete loss of summer sea ice in the Arctic, it increases chances of “really intolerable consequences,” he said.”

Bejing smog
Bejing smog

Just look at the air pollution in China.   The NYT wrote today about how, “China lets media report on Air Pollution Crisis.”

Also, fine particles in the air are thought to, “Heighten allergic inflammation of asthma.”

Here’s the facts on, “Air pollution particulate matter.”



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