Joe Rogan interviews Neil deGrasse Tyson

From fake moon landings to real diamond factories, Joe Rogan and Neil deGrasse Tyson go at it in a friendly way, and pretty much in agreement with one another.   The two covered many topics, some of which I will share.  I have included in brackets some of my own responses to their ideas, as well.

Tyson explains the two established laws for outer space, namely, you can’t own property and you can’t wage war.  Then, Rogan brings up the topics of crop circles and chemtrails.  Tyson doesn’t know what chemtrails are, so Rogan explains.  On contrails, both agree that it’s all about how much moisture is in the atmosphere.

Tyson says that we are now building the catalogue of planets in star systems.  Very common are binary star systems.  What happens to a planet in orbit with binary star system?    Interstellar planets are ejected and become rogue planets.  Many planets have retained their heat formation, a source of energy not related to the sun-heat in earth, radio-active decay.  Life needs energy, not necessarily sunlight.  Earth has its own heat.  geo-chemical energy.  We are not the ultimate measure of what life requires to survive.  Rogue planets have life, possibly within them, they don’t need sun to illuminate them, but still there could be life.


Rogan asks if a giant planet hangs out beyond the Kuiper belt.  Tyson replies that the Kuiper belt has left overs of the solar system, but probably only residue is left out there.  Residue will merge with planet eventually. [ Andromeda galaxies are moving in synchronicity, not colliding]  Pluto is part of a swarm of comets.  Objects beyond the Kuiper belt would be hard to find.  The Nemesis object- episodes of earth, a little dip in the fossil record-for different epochs.  dinosaurs-boundary.-65 million years ago an asteroid struck, says Tyson.  Asteroids are our friends, we were early rodents then.  Object on looping orbit, cycle of extinction 100 million years??  Tyson thinks that fossil record doesn’t hold with cycles of extinction. [Weather is cyclical]

He says that “gravitational allegiance” falters at a certain distance away from the sun. Rogan asks about Oort clouds and the theory of rogue jupiter-like planet.  Tyson says this planet is not real.  He calls it “Fascinating psychological observation” that we want to believe.[What about the work of Alton C Harp?]

Tyson defines black holes.  We’ve got black holes flaying stars.  Black holes reveal singularity. Mars used to have rivers-we don’t know what happened to the water, we think it sunk into the core. [Electricity is being left out of the equation]

Tyson theorizes that life on earth descended from Mars long ago.

Life doesn’t evolve the way we think it does.  Atmosphere allows some to survive.  Nature is selecting who will survive.  Some organisms survived expulsion from Mars and hurled through space.

Humans need water and a heat source, a gradient.  Entropy laws work against you to make life.  [Entropy is not a given]

Do we need an atmosphere?  1/2 of the biomass of earth lives beneath earth’s surface.  Atmosphere is not needed. Think more broadly about planet’s being habitable.  No evidence of huge creatures and hollow earth.  Compression of cavities don’t allow for huge creatures, only small cavities like Carlsbad caverns.

There’s no greater huburis than to assume that all life is just like us, Tyson says.  Instead of five sense, what if we had 10?

Rogan tells Tyson his fart theory and Tyson responds that these contain hydrogen sulfide.  He defines hydrogen sulfide, saying that it is extremely lethal-Tyson asks, “Why do we have a good sense of smell for that?”

We have evolved a hyper sensitivy to hydrogen sulfide, he says.   If we don’t evolve, we die.  anarobic.   He speculates about what would happen if ocean currents stop, no fishes at bottom of ocean would be the result.  If ocean current doesn’t go, hydrogen sulfide would be created by anerobic lifeforms that would thrive at the bottom.  One global warming scenario is that ocean currents stop.

Tyson says that the invention of the microscope and telescope enhanced our senses.  In the 1600’s, we learned that our sense not only fool us and occasionally don’t work, but they don’t have the capacity to tell us all that’s going on in the universe.  Invention of telescope and microscope.  Methods and tools of science have since served to increase our senses through these two inventions.

We don’t have a sense to detect magnetic field, Tyson believes. [We have magnetic field detectors in our eyes]   We have sensors for infrared and delayed for ultra violet.  We have access to visible light, we can’t see radio waves.  He goes Star Trek..  Infrered-heat,light.  Things don’t elude us now.  That frontier is at the Cern and the James telescope.  These are the new frontiers for Tyson.

"Cryptochrome" Source: Discover Mag
Source: Discover Mag


Tyson believes in the Big Bang Theory, but doesn’t know what happened before it.   [We don’t even know that there was a big bang]  Quantum physics theory tells us that early universe may have been a fluctuation in the laws of physics, multi-verse.  If there’s a multi-verse, then we’re just one bubble.  We’re in expansion, but some may have squeezes at the end.  Some may have no matter at all, but infinite.  We can get there, maybe.  If you stepped into other universe, if laws of physics are slightly different, then your nature would collapse. Send in a probe first. If an alien comes to visit, I want to make sure its not made up of anti-matter.  “I make the joke that I’d flip a coin at them and if they catch it then I shake their hand,” Tyson jokes.

Tyson addresses gamma rays. Gamma rays-highest energy band.  Detector picks up bursts once or twice a week.  This led to the birth of gamma ray astronomy.  Explosions at the edge of universe, hypernova.  He says that on average of 8 times a week, gamma ray bursts are detected. [Gamma Ray bursts from Milky Way galactic center]

But, our ozone layer protects us, he continues.  Ozone layer absorbs most of the ultra-violet from the sun.  Ozone is O-3 because it takes the ultraviolet light out of the sun.

Joe Rogan says, were so interested in staying alive. Should we terra-form Mars?

“If you have the power of geo-engineering,” Then fix earth instead of Terra-forming Mars.-Tyson

As long as there’s money in fixing the environment, we’re gonna fix the environment.”   ..We could build a new rain forest some day, if we run out.[Really??]  Tyson says, last year was the warmest recorded on earth, since we’ve been keeping records.  If that’s unstoppable.  It would simply redistribute the map on earth.  There was a time when earth had no ice caps and a time recorded called snowball earth, geologists have found.  Sun wasn’t always the same temperature.  Greenhouse state on earth.  When snowball, most light is reflected, instead of absorbed. So, ice ball continues to freeze.  You can have either a run away ice ball or a runaway greenhouse.  You can have both, Tyson notes.[What if melting ice causes spewing fire?]


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