Growing hemp in Kentucky legally?

Old Kentucky hemp

Alternet reports on a bill now before Congress from Kentucky called the Hemp Farming Act of 2012, sponsored by Senators Ron Wyden, Rand Paul, Jeff Merkley and Bernie Sanders.  Senator Paul says, “Legalize hemp to aid Ky. economy.”  He writes:

“One acre of industrial hemp plants can grow around 15,000 pounds of green hemp in about 110 days. For every ton of hemp converted into paper, we could save 12 trees. It is a renewable, sustainable, environmentally conscious crop.” has a headline that reads, “Hemp would be boon to Kentucky agriculture.”  A definition for hemp is given in the article as follows:

“Hemp, otherwise known as Cannabis sativa, is one of the world’s oldest crop plants, but it has been outlawed for decades because of its association with marijuana, even though hemp has almost none of the chemical that gives users a high.” quotes one Representative Phelps about industrial hemp production legalization in the state.  Phelps shares a good idea:

“Phelps said hemp could be a “gold mine.” He said it would be perfect for mountaintop-removal mine reclamation projects, where it could be harvested for fiber or ethanol and would help repair environmental damage.”

Here’s some possible goods that could be made from hemp, from the article:

“And they see a big future for hemp products, including ethanol production, fiber, textiles, food, cosmetics and car parts.”

Kentucky State Representatives and supporters are hopeful for hemp’s re-legalization.

Jessamine County Hemp marker




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