Graham Hancock – Awake & Aware

Journalist and writer Graham Hancock begins his presentation by saying, in effect that we are not our brains, we are our consciousness.   He shows slides of the Egyptian pyramids and discusses how this ancient culture viewed the afterlife.

Hancock sees the brain as a receiver of consciousness.  “We need to let go of the notion that the brain makes consciousness,” he says, and many ancient traditions “absolutely affirm” that there’s life after death.   The Egyptians spent a great deal of time learning how to prepare for it.

This presentation gives a good dose of archeology, with cave art highlighted in the second half.   Hancock calls the cave paintings, “Shamanic Art,” asserting that many of them were created by ancient artists who were under the influence of psychedelic plants.

I thought of Don Juan from Carlos Casteneda’s books.   Then, I thought about the 1960’s hallucinogenic revival.   Modern pain medicine could use some tips from the ancients about how to use plants and mushrooms to heal because these chemically made pharmaceuticals sport long lists of major side effects.


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