3MIN News on 10 Jan. 2013

Today, Suspicious Observers(SOS) starts off with the news of the Canadian whales that are trapped by ice.  The photos are stunning.  He comments on the recent spate of fires at nuclear plants.  Then he tracks the storm on Australia’s coast and the heat and wildfires there, contrasting this with the low temperatures pervading Northern Europe and so on.

The New Moon tomorrow at 2:43 PM-E.S.T., that will align with several planets.  Venus and the Moon will have a cuddle in the evening sky, but bright Jupiter rules the night sky all winter long.

In conclusion, SOS says, “Everyone, let’s ask the Sun for some moderate but needed energy today.”

"JupiterEuropaShadow"Source: Astronomytoday.com
Source: Astronomytoday.com

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