Vast Andromeda Galaxies “moving in synchronicity”

Source: Vancouver Sun
Source: Vancouver Sun

Various galaxies covering a wide expanse appear to be, “Moving in synchronicity,” with Andromeda galaxy, reports the Vancouver Sun.    Article author Randy Shore writes:

A string of 13 dwarf galaxies are in orbit around the galaxy Andromeda. The galaxies are spread across a flat plane more than one million light years wide and 30,000 light years thick, moving in synchonicity with each other. The phenomenon is unlike behaviour of other observed galaxies and suggests a hole in our knowledge of galaxy formation.”

Science Daily covers the Andromeda story in an article entitlted, “Astrophysicists make stellar discovery about Galaxies far, far away.”    This appears to violate the Standard Model of galaxy collisions that lead to one big galaxy.  Science Daily explains:

“The Lambda-CDM is a standard model in astrophysics that assumes galaxies collide and merge with one another to grow mass.”

This article also quotes Dr. Scott Chapman, co-author of the Andromeda study:

“This tells us that this hierarchical buildup that gravitational simulations predict isn’t quite right — as structures like this ‘andromeda pancake’ never happen in the simulations. We may not understand gravity as well as many would like to believe. It’s very hard to test gravity in the very weak field limit.”

The Andromeda Galaxy. (Credit: GALEX, JPL-Caltech, NASA)
The Andromeda Galaxy. (Credit: GALEX, JPL-Caltech, NASA)

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