Unilever Announces Phase-out of Micro-plastics used in Cleansers by 2015

Source: Discover Magazine

Discovery Magazine reports on Unilever’s decision to phase out micro-plastic use in skin care products by 2015.    The article titled, “Phasing out Polluting Micro-Plastics,” describes these non-biodegradable plastics as, “Less than five millimeters in diameter.”

Here’s more about microplastics from the article:

“The problem with their small size is that these plastics rinse right down drains and collect in marine environments and the stomachs of marine animals. Studies published in the last month have reported microplastics inside fish in the English Channel and harbour seals in the Netherlands. In fact, a review of microplastics published last year demonstrated that these tiny plastics are now all over the place.”


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