Solar Flares and Quakes, 5 Jan. 2013 Suspicious Observers

Suspicious Observers has a very well visited You-Tube channel.  He is dedicated to reporting weather events, including solar flares, earthquakes, etc., on a daily basis.   I appreciate all that I’ve learned from him.

Today, Suspicious Observers talked about the recent magnitude 7 earthquakes and the M-flare that hurled off the sun.  He also mentioned chemtrails and the lack of information that shrouds them.  Here, planes started spraying chemtrails so early this morning that by the time they had finished, the entire sky had been densely blanketed.

Our featured weather specialist asks why NASA has nothing listed on their site about chemtrails.  Good question.   If this geo-engineering is being conducted to block out heat from the sun, then why would they spray so heavily on a cold, blustery day like today?

I’ve read various reports and detailed studies regarding the nature of chemtrails, none of them good and very few from “official sources”.   Explanations for this sky-cover anomaly range from spraying metal oxides to cool “global warming” to spraying nanoparticles of GNA to bio-genetically alter life.   I think that we have the right to know what is being sprayed in our atmosphere on a daily basis.

There are some who believe that humans are inherently flawed and need to be herded like sheep.  I disagree.  Many of us are waking up to the divinity within us.   The philosophy of rationalistic materialism has pervaded the Industrial Age.  And, there are those who have taken advantage of the “overpopulation” of “useless eaters” sentiment to play masters of the universe.  Death may be a certainty but it is not the end.    Powerful technologies can be used to destroy our civilization or they can harnessed for our benefit.  It’s really up to us.  Do we believe that the human race is worthy to exist?


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