Gamma Ray Eruption from Center of Milky Way


CREDIT: Optical image – A. Mellinger, U.Central Michigan; radio image – E. Carretti, CSIRO; radio data – S-PASS team; composition – E. Bresser, CSIRO

Live Science reports on this outburst of, “Gamma ray emitting gas,” from Galactic Center, calling them, “Geysers.”

According to the report by Charles Q. Choy:

The amount of magnetic energy contained in these geyser-like outflows “corresponds to the energy liberated by about a million supernova explosions — that is a lot!” study lead author Ettore Carretti, an astrophysicist at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization in Australia, told

Later in the article, Dr. Carretti explains:

“These findings tell us there is transport of a massive amount of energy and strong magnetic fields from  the galactic center to the outskirts of the galaxy,” Carretti said. “It is an interaction we did not know about, and can transform our view of the galactic halo.”

The galactic halo “was supposed to be a quiet place,” Carretti said. “We now know it is continuously fueled with a massive amount of energy.”

Carretti says that how the galaxy sustains it’s magnetic field is still a mystery.  Choi writes:

In the future, the researchers would like to identify the roots of the outflows and their ridges and investigate any connections between the magnetic fields of the outflows and the galaxy‘s.



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