Videos of Two Suns, Like on Tatooine

Star Wars-Tatooine
Star Wars-Tatooine

There were an extraordinary number of videos uploaded to YouTube featuring two suns.   I like this one from Feb. 2012 called, “The Sun has a friend,” with a bird sitting on a chimney stack in the foreground:

Here’s one of two suns, filmed in Berkeley, California:

I found several two-sun videos recorded during the May 20th, 2012 solar eclipse.  This one was the clearest:

Fox News reported on this one from 2011:

There’s even a spoof by the “NASAchannel” called “New Planet Behind the Moon.”

This one taken on the South Pole from 23 of June 2011 is stunning amidst stark, white snow:

Here’s a two suns mash-up that was uploaded in July of last year:

And, for the grand finale, here’s a translated video from a mainstream Russian TV report on Nibiru, uploaded last year.   This report details the origins of Nubiru, based on Sumerian texts that describe this 10th planet as having a 3600 year cycle.  It also  reports on the discovery of a giant planet like body in 1982 by infrared satellite:


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