Do the Planets really travel around the Sun?

I like DJ Sadhu’s Solar model.   His video shows how the planets in our solar system follow in orbit behind the Sun as our central star travels through space.  But, I think that the Sun also travels in an orbit of it’s own.  Perhaps, as the Vedas teach, the Sun journeys around the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, over very long spans of time.  This brings us to the ideas expressed in the Vedas about infinitely repeating cycles.  Perhaps the Sun even orbits around a binary star system.  Maybe, both of these are true.    After all, have you ever seen Saturn, Venus or Mercury go behind the Sun?  We certainly saw Venus go in front of the Sun last Summer.

I also wonder if the Precession of the Equinoxes is actually cause by a timed, earth wobble, as is commonly thought, or if our entire solar system might be traveling in relation to the background of stars, causing their apparent shift of 1 degree backwards every 72 years.


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