New Journal of Cryptozoology

Cover of Journal of CryptozoologySource Darren Naish
Cover of Journal of Cryptozoology
Source Darren Naish

Scientific American reports on this new Journal of Cryptozoology.  It’s like zoology from the crypt, or the peer-reviewed study of “alleged” animal sightings and/or discovery.   Article author Darren Naish sites examples of mythical creatures like lake monsters and bobcat-eared tigers.  Naish writes:

Edited by famous cryptozoological author Karl Shuker (Karl blogs at ShukerNature), the journal employs the expertise of a list of qualified workers who act as reviewers of the submitted papers. Each issue counts as a whole volume, rather than as one issue. If you’re expecting a giant, slick, glossy volume, perhaps on par with the sort of thing produced by Elsevier, you’ll be disappointed, since it’s small and slim and the only colour is on the cover. However, the production values are about equal with that seen in many smaller journals, including the ISC journal Cryptozoology. The King cheetah has been chosen as the journal’s emblem.

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