Carlos Castaneda interview with Theodore Roszak in 1969

This interview between Carlos Castaneda and Theodore Roszak entitled, “Don Juan The Sorcerer,” is set to images from Castaneda’s novels and photos of the author, along with other neat pictures.   Here’s the video description:

“DON JUAN THE SORCERER” – Carlos Castaneda interviewed by Theodore Roszak. Author of “The Teachings of Don Juan” discusses his experiences with hallucinogenic substances used under the guidance of his Yaqui Indian teacher, don Juan Matus. BROADCAST: KPFA, 30 Jan. 1969.

Carlos Castaneda describes Don Juan as follows:

He’s a warrior and he sets his life as a strategic game.  My effort to understanding his world is paying back his phenomenal input.   It’s a very serious endeavor.

He said of his mentor, “He’s enlarged my sense of how important today is… Be here now, Don Juan taught.”



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