New Study of Peruvian Nazca Lines Published by Journal Antiquity

Nasca LinesPhoto source:
Nazca Lines
Photo source: reports on an in-depth Nazca lines study by British archeologists.   The article describes these geoglyphs as, “Enigmatic drawings created between 2,100 and 1,300 years ago in the Peruvian desert.”

“As part of a five-year investigation, Dr Nicholas Saunders of the University of Bristol’s Department of Archaeology and Anthropology and Professor Clive Ruggles of the University of Leicester walked 1,500 km of desert in southern Peru, tracing the lines and geometric figures created by the Nasca people between 100 BC and AD 700.
The confusing palimpsest of desert drawings has attracted a host of theories purporting to explain them ever since they were discovered during the 1920s – notably the bizarre ideas of Erich Von Daniken who supposed they were made by visiting extra-terrestrials.”

A PDF file of the study named, “Desert labyrinth: lines, landscape and meaning at Nazca, Peru,” can be found  here.
Also, I found a video segment that features Erich Von Daniken’s description of the Nazca lines, along with great slides of these geoglyphs:

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