Monsanto’s Roundup Seeds and Super Weeds

Photo of Miss. cotton field -The Guardian
Photo of Miss. cotton field -The Guardian

Since Monsanto introduced genetically altered seeds to resist weeds in large-scale, industrial farming 16 years ago, the use of herbicides for the weeds that these seeds do not resist has “spiked.”   This article from the Guardian introduces readers to the, “Weeds that Monsanto can’t beat.

When Monsanto revolutionised agriculture with a line of genetically engineered seeds, the promise was that the technology would lower herbicide use – because farmers would have to spray less. In fact, as Washington State University researcher Charles Benbrook has shown, just the opposite happened.

Tom Philpott, author of the article sites the woes of Mississippi farmers who use Roundup Ready seeds.

For just one example, turn to Mississippi, where cotton, corn, and soy farmers have been using Roundup Ready seeds for years – and are now struggling to contain a new generation of super weeds, including a scourge of Italian ryegrass.

The author recommends a return to using, “Crop rotation and biodiversity,” as a, “Non-toxic way to control weeds.”

To learn more about the Washington State report linking the increased use of herbicides to genetically modified crops, click here.


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