Townsend Atelier Offers Classical Cast Drawing with Angela Cunningham

Work of Angela Cunningham
Work of Angela Cunningham

Townsend Atelier on Chattanooga’s Southside offers a Classical Cast Drawing workshop with Master Teacher Angela Cunningham on April 8th-12th, 2013.   Here’s more from the press release:

Classical Cast Drawing Workshop 

instructor:  Angela Cunningham
April 8-12 10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
Cost:  $415.  Space is limited.  Early registration encouraged. 

To be able to paint realistically, it is essential to be able to draw realistically. Drawing trains the eyes and lays the foundation for painting and working with color. Cast Coping is a traditional atelier training method that uses anatomical plaster casts to allow one to focus and fine tune their foundational skills for high accuracy. Plaster is white so there is no color distracting the student. Beginner and experienced students are welcome. Each student will get a chance to organize a strategic method of thought and process to develop a clear approach to drawing In this class students will draw the Cast from observation in graphite. Emphasis will be placed on accuracy of Block-in and Form Modeling. It is in the understanding and practicing of the visual tools of blocking-in that students will develop their measuring and shape-seeing abilities. In the modeling stage of cast drawing students are introduced to the principles of light on form. Students will be taught the pitfalls of purely visual observation and are introduced to a more conceptual way of seeing nature. This class is perfect for anyone who wants be a better artist. 

Drawing by Angela Cunningham
Drawing by Angela Cunningham

About the artist:

Angela Cunningham (b. 1977) grew up in the Bay Area of California. After high school she studied at various art colleges eventually receiving her BFA in Drawing/ Painting with a minor in sculpture from Laguna College of Art and Design. After teaching in California for a few years, Angela decided to pursue her desire to learn the classical techniques of drawing and painting under the mentorship of Jacob Collins at the Grand Central Academy of Art. She graduated GCA in 2010. She now teaches at her own studio in Asheville, North Carolina. She also teaches workshops at various studios nationwide incuding Beaux Arts Atelier and Grand Central Academy in New York, Artist Lofe, Charleston, SC; and Cloud Castel Studios, Saratoga, CA. Angela is a recipient of various awards including the Morris and Alma Schapiro Achievement Award, Art Renewal Center First Place Scholarship Award, Alfred Ross Achievement Award.

For more about Angela, visit her website: and


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