Stephen Mehler’s Presentation on the Land of Osiris

In the video above, Stephen Mehler presents a slide presentation of his findings on the Egyptian Pyramids called, “The Land of Osiris.”  Mehler’s bio is on his website,   He has undertaken a 30 year, independent study of the Egyptian Pyramids to unlock the secrets within.   Thanks to his tour guide Hakim, Mehler has been given access to parts of the Pyramids that are not open to the public.

Mehler and Sphinx
Mehler and Sphinx

Mehler writes more on the origins of the word pyramid as taught him by Hakim:

My Indigenous Wisdom Keeper teacher, Abd’El Hakim Awyan, states unequivocally that the ancient Khemitians used the term PR.NTRPer-Neter, for pyramid. Per means “house” and Neter we have discussed in the previous article. Neter has been translated by Egyptologists as “God” or “Goddess” but we reject this mistranslation. In alignment with the indigenous tradition, we use the interpretation “House of Nature, House of Energy” forPer-Neter. The temple was Per-Ba (House of the Soul) and the tomb was Per-Ka (House of the Physical Projection) according to the indigenous tradition.


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